Our Values

We are great believers in holistic health and promoting wellbeing through our diet.

What was once a very niche market has in recent years become very mainstream as more and more people wake up to the life changing benefits of a wholefood based wholesome diet.

We feel we offer Yorkshire's most extensive range of health foods and health boosting supplements all under one roof with many items unavailable anywhere else locally.

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Organic food is food which is produced using environmentally and animal-friendly farming methods on organic farms. READ MORE

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Fair Trade

Here at Out of This World we believe in a fair deal for all our producers be that the farmers that grow the raw ingredients or the wholesalers we buy from. READ MORE

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With every purchase we make as consumers we have the power to make a difference to the living creatures and environment around us. READ MORE

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Local Produce

One of our core aims here at Out of This World is to promote and sell as wide a range of locally produced goods as possible. We are fortunate to be located in Yorkshire, one of the UK's most prolific producers of artisan foods. READ MORE


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