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Out of This World has been established in as West Yorkshire's favourite health food storefor over 10 years now.

In that time we have increased our product offering and constantly evolved with our customers wants and needs which has kept us at the forefront of ethical health food retailing. Our team of staff here are very passionate about the products we sell and the core values that we aim to promote, indeed some of our staff have been here since the shop opened over 10 years ago so have a wealth of knowledge about the products we stock… you’re guaranteed a warm welcome and we are always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding specific products or specialist dietary requirements.

We aim to promote several core values through the way we trade and these are always at the forefront of our operation.

About Out Of This World

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Damian, Owner

Damian, Owner
  • Age: 34
  • Worked Here For: 8 years
  • Likes: House music, walks in the forest, soya lattes, Kylie, animal rights

Our organic prosecco is my current favourite...it tastes fantastic and I'm convinced there's less hangover the next day... It really is win win!

Claire, Assistant Manager

Claire, Assistant Manager
  • Age: 37
  • Worked Here For: 3 years
  • Likes: Hairless cats, tattoos, My Little Ponies, cocktails, lipstick

Primrose Kitchen Raw Beetroot and Ginger Muesli. This is an amazing breakfast cereal as its gluten-free, wheat-free, has no added sugar, is vegan, and raw! It's definitely not lacking in taste either...raw sweet beetroot and zingy ginger. Boom!

Lara, Supervisor

Lara, Supervisor
  • Age: 25
  • Worked Here For: 1 year
  • Likes: Anime, drawing, the gym, good ole rum, causing mischief wherever possible to keep my assistant manager on her toes because she loves it.

Being recently vegan and allergic to soya, Rebel Kitchen's Chocolate 'Mylk' drink is beautiful. Its a great chocolate fix with no refined sugar and made using coconut milk. The other flavours in the range taste pretty awesome too.

Gabrielle, Sales Assistant

Gabrielle, Sales Assistant
  • Age: 26
  • Worked Here For: 8 years
  • Likes: Sunshine, herbs, nature, gardening, reggae music

Has to be our Granovita organic hemp oil. Its highly nutritious and full of Omega 3, 6 and 9. It's excellent for eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditons, can be taken internally and externally. It also makes a great salad dressing with lemon juice and seasoning. I could go on and on... it's fantastic stuff.

Here at Out of This World we feel that healthy wholesome food and natural bodycare shouldn’t just be for the privileged few. We aim to make organic and healthy foods affordable for all and have built up a large loyal customer base covering all sectors of society ranging from students, city centre office workers, and retired people... READ MORE

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These methods exclude the use of man-made chemicals and are legally defined and any food sold as 'organic' must be strictly regulated. Therefore you can rest assured that any item we stock sold as organic has been certified by one of the UK's official certification bodies. Organic farming recognises the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced. Artificial... READ MORE

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Fair Trade

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. Fairtrade works to benefit small-scale farmers and workers, who are amongst the most marginalised groups globally, through trade rather than aid to enable them to maintain their livelihoods and reach their potential. Many of our fairly traded products are certified by the Fairtrade... READ MORE

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We believe in offering the widest possible range of Eco and animal-friendly products to help make this easier than ever. Wherever possible we stock products which aid recycling, reduce wastage, minimise our effect on the environment, and promote the welfare of animals to the highest possible standard. We aim to stock only those products which have been produced using the least environmentally... READ MORE

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Local Produce

We greatly believe in reducing food miles, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and feel that selling locally produced items benefits the local community in countless ways. By selling local produce we aim to help create a thriving local community and were always on the look out for new locally produced product... READ MORE

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What was once a very niche market has in recent years become very mainstream as more and more people wake up to the life changing benefits of a wholefood based wholesome diet. We feel we offer Yorkshire's most extensive range of health foods and health boosting supplements all under one roof with many items unavailable anywhere else... READ MORE

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